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Sweet Mature CreampieMrs. Fran finally confessed a fantasy to me... one that she thought would surprise me, but it didn't, because I think that, deep down, many women have it.. She was also afraid it would make me think less of her, and again she was WRONG! It took me a bit to convince her of that, but I did.

It may come as a surprise to some that, considering some of the things she's done in the past few months, Mrs. Fran is still afraid that I will come to see her as a mature creampie slut unworthy of my love... in fact unworthy of the love of any man. That mindset is deeply ingrained in her, and try as she might, hard to shake. I think, possibly, we have finally gotten there... or close to there.

Mature Creampie Deep InsideMrs. Fran's fantasy is to be a cock-hungry, mature creampie-hungry slut... to totally let herself go to her deepest, darkest desires, to revel in, no, to wallow in her laciviousness... to be in a room with multiple men and be the most wanton cock/cum slut those men can imagine, even more than they can imagine... to enjoy their touch, their kisses, their licks... to kiss and lick and suck every part of their bodies, and let them do the same to her... to take them in any way they want to take her, and revel in it, and love it... to cum over and over as they cum in her and on her, over and over, until she is a sweaty, mature creampie- soaked and coated whore, gasping for breath and begging them to give her more.

Mature Creampie In Her PussyI'll be honest, she got the idea from an xxx movie that we have... in it the woman is in a room with 8 men who do anything and everything to her for hours and hours, and in the end they are all passed out, and as the camera fades to black she is doing herself with a huge dildo and cursing them for wimping out on her... Mrs. Fran admitted to me that, when she masturbates (which is more often than I realized), she fantasizes about that mature creampie, and puts herself in the role of the woman.

So we agreed on a plan, and two weeks in it seems to be working. At her request, I have sworn off alcohol and have cut my smoking in half... she is convinced that both tend to make my mature creampie taste bitter, and she wants to learn to enjoy the taste of it.

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